The story of a photographer

Since a very young age, I have always been a sort of that artsy guy, but with a passion for sports. It wasn't until I was a freshman in college at Temple University where I picked up an old film camera and my passion for photography grew. I've experienced the difficulties (although I enjoyed them thoroughly) of not only developing my own film, but black and white printing in the darkroom. This is where I really thrived. Once the digital age really took over is where I also grew a passion for image editing/retouching. This was a way to expand upon my photography and take my post production to the next level.

Since 2001, I haven't looked back. I have assisted/shadowed along side some well renowned photographers, encountered some of the most unique events, retouched images for some of the most established e-commerce companies, and loved every minute of it. All these experiences shaped who I am today and those who've I worked along side, including my family, inspire me to continue my passion and love for photography.

Fast forward to today, I'm married to my beautiful wife Jody and together we have one daughter, Alora Rae (seen above) with one the way. With that said, I love kids and enjoy them as my subject. Sometimes I guess I just connect with them on their level since I am a child at heart.